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Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is a low cost housing solution in Cavite. However, RCD Land made sure to offer adequate facilities and amenities to improve the quality of life among its future homeowners. This is where RCD Land stands out from other developers in the country – they have committed themselves to providing quality without passing it onto the homeowners. The long list of facilities and amenities available in this community are therefore designed to give more value to your investment.

The first and most noticeable amenity that is available at Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is the gated entrance. This entrance gate comes with a guard house that will be responsible for monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles in the subdivision. This is to ensure the safety and security of every homeowner. If you thought that security is a luxury in affordable housing projects, think again!

Another standard amenity that you can enjoy when living in Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is the covered multi-purpose clubhouse. This is a social venue that is open for use for all of the homeowners in this subdivision. It can also serve as venue for activities involving the homeowners’ association. If you have other parties and special events, you can make use of this venue for the said event.

If you are seeking an active lifestyle, you will have plenty of options at Winter Breeze Homes Cavite in terms of facilities and amenities. The first one is the basketball court. For the kids, there is also a children’s playground area and parks available for them to use. These outdoor facilities are a great way to maximize the cool breeze and fresh air in General Trias, Cavite. This is a luxury that you can enjoy living far from Metro Manila.

In addition to the amenities that are mentioned above, the community facilities are also constructed to the highest standards at Winter Breeze Homes Cavite. For example, the entire community is built with concrete roads, curbs, and gutter. This will provide you with a clean and safe environment to live in. At the same time, the wide and open roads make navigating the entire subdivision easy and convenient for homeowners and visitors alike.

To ensure that the homes remain flood-free, Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is built with an underground drainage system. This will help manage the water level in the event of heavy rains or typhoons. Thus, you should not worry about flood and other similar calamities. 

The entire subdivision at Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is built with an efficient water and electrical distribution system. The subdivision’s water supply is provided by the Local Water District in General Trias, Cavite. On the other hand, MERALCO is the main supplier of electrical system in Winter Breeze Homes Cavite. Therefore, you can conveniently move into your new home without having to worry about establishing water and electrical connections as they are already provided to you and your family. 

These facilities and amenities are just some of the reasons why Winter Breeze Homes Cavite is known for its value. Make sure to utilize them to get the value that you deserve.

  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Parks & Children’s Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Concrete Roads and Gutters
  • 24 hours Centralized Water Supply (Operated by Gen. Trias Water District)
  • MERALCO Electric Power System
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